Welcome to Starlight Media!!  Your one-stop shop that provides Project Management and Logistics to the Adult Entertainment Industry.

As we all know, Covid 19 caused huge disruption within many industries including Adult Entertainment. However, like many other industries we have strived to learn, adapt and educate ourselves to be able to push forward with our continued success.  Overcoming the challenges of working with European and International Production Companies in the ‘new normal’ means that we continue to work worldwide, being able to live stream anywhere in the world avoiding unnecessary travel risks while ensuring Directors maintain full control over their projects.

Starlight Media works according to ALL Government guidelines/policies regarding Health & Safety including Sexual Health Screening and (ever changing) Covid 19.

We practice social distancing, mask wearing, testing and cleanliness at every opportunity.

Starlight Media’s primary role is to Project Manage UK based productions on behalf of European and International Production Companies.  Once contracted by a Production Company we will organise everything from booking studios, crew, 3rd party services (prop hire, wardrobe, make-up etc), facilities and refreshments.  As all services are managed under one roof, Production Companies reduce the risk of costly delays/cancellations.

As a secondary service Starlight Media works closely with Casting Agents to offer a database of successful and experienced performers that can cater for all their service needs.  Again, this gives the Production Companies the added security of their entire project being managed by one team.

Having one point of contact streamlines the Project Management service avoiding the ‘too many fingers in the pie’ scenario!!  Although it is not a requirement that Production Companies book their performers through us, around 85% will choose to do so for simplicity and continuity. 

If you are a Production Company interested to know more about our services register your interest HERE or call 0161 243 2227

Themes & Styles

Starlight Media works alongside Production Companies that cover all aspects of Adult Entertainment.  Most popular projects tend to be soft porn, hardcore, fetish (varied), masked, POV, VR, 3D and Anime. Projects are made for the main domain, private hotel groups, adult pay per view platforms/forums and private filming.

Starlight Media is always interested to hear from performers of all sexualities (gay/straight/bi/trans), different races, shapes and sizes.  In Adult Entertainment one mould does not fit all!!


With so many fetishes out there in the adult industry nine out of ten times we will have a member that can cater for your fetish needs. From light fetishes to more hardcore we are sure we can help you with your production.

Masked Filming

We have many members who would like to keep their face out of the shot or just get kicks out of wearing a mask. A lot of our members have been in many films and have not shown their face once. The members profile will always let the client know if they want to remain discreet or not.

The point of view actors face will not be seen in the in the film.

Your Availability

Starlight Media is renowned in the UK for its high standard of reliable performers (amateur and experienced).  We are often relied upon by other Agencies/Production Companies to provide ‘short notice cover’ for cancellations.  We pride ourselves on having performers ready to step into the projects with all of their up to date Health & Safety requirements.  Supplying short notice cover is a big part of our services and is often a great way for a performer to get recognised and build up a good reputation.

Cancelling a project can be costly for Production Companies.  Stepping in to salvage a project last minute can avoid this and puts you at the forefront of Casting Agents minds when considering performers for future projects.

We ask our performers to ensure that they always have a valid, in date full sexual health screen to be considered for short notice / cancellation opportunities

Why Adult Entertainment?

Performers have many different reasons for working within Adult Entertainment.  

2nd income – with high earnings it’s a great way to earn extra for those luxuries in life!

Bucket List – the opportunity to have experiences unobtainable anywhere else.

Fetish – for some this is the only safe, comfortable environment to have and enjoy their fetish.

Whatever your reasons, we can help you determine if this is the right industry for you.  Register your details HERE and a member of the team will be in contact.

Privacy Policy
Starlight Media will never pass or sell your information to any external companies / organisations without your explicit consent. 

Please ensure you have read and understood our Terms & Conditions HERE.